Club Match May 22nd Results

Today's Match winner... was Art  W.     Congratulations Art! 

Art donated his winnings back to the club and a big thank you from all of us  for his generosity. It is greatly appreciated!


THANK YOU TO Brian Miller!

Brian came over to the range and did a major clean up, disced up the range to remove over -grown weed issue and graded our access road.

Wow what a improvement! Th‚Äčanks so much Brian you went way above and beyond and we so appreciate it! 

On our club matches there is a $10 entry fee and 50/50 split between winner and club so this can be a fundraiser for the club to help pay for targets, pasties and the consumable's we use. And for keeping our range clean and open to the public.

Your feedback is very important to us so if you have suggestions or comments. Please let us know.

Bullets and Brass! 

We have a fundraiser for our Club... Brass of various calibers Pistol and Rifle for example 

233, 308, 30/06, 762, 380, 45, 44, 9mm, 10mm 38, 357, 40,  and more Bullets 22, 30, 45, 44, 9, 38, and more.

Cal will be storing and handling the sale. you can contact him here or his email [email protected] or by phone (530)781-3747.

we have a lot and prices are very reasonable and it goes to a good cause. Keeping the club funded for example targets and consumables and maintaining the range.    

In Memoriam 

With a very heavy heart we have some Sad new's

We lost two Brothers this year.

Ken Kline and Carl Bailey   They were wonderful men and will greatly missed. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to their family's and friends.

A memorial was held for our fallen brothers on May 28 2021

We as friends and family gathered together at the Adair Range 1000 yard line, a favorite shooting spot for both Ken and Carl. It is with a heavy heart we all said Farewell to these fine men.