Vintage Rifle matches

contact Ron Foster for details ​​​(928) 783-0303

Starting time will be  7:30 am. For our 600 yard and 1000 yard as well as the vintage rifle matches.


2023 match schedule posted below.

President Richard Keene is called a short club meeting April 15th at the 600 yard match. The reason for the meeting is to elect a new secretary and treasurer / match director

 Our new officers are:  Steve Whitney. Secretary    Cal Richardson is our Treasurer / Match Director



Results of May 600 yard Match...The winner of the Sporter category is OB! Congratulations OB, and in his generosity he donated his entry fee back to the club! 

In the Tactical category was won by Jeff Beck

In the Unlimited category our winner was Lawrence Burr, all winners of the match donated their  entry fee's back to the club. Congratulations to all!  And Thank you for supporting the club 

We all had a great time out there and Congratulations to our Match winners!

April Vintage rifle match winners

 Vintage Class Winner..........John Edwards


Congratulations to our Winners!

A Big Thank You to Brian Miller for all the tractor work he does at the range. Keeping the weeds down and smoothing out the roads, building drainage and maintaining  the berms..... It would be a mess out there if it were not for Brian and his generosity and hard work!

Many Thanks Brian! we appreciate You!

****** KEY'S........ Following  some discussion on security,  changed the locks on the storage containers that hold our supplies on Feb 18th, 2023. at the 600 Yard Match.  If your membership is current and you have a key, we will be happy to exchange your old key for a new one. The club will try to do a better job of keeping track of who has keys going forward. 

If you are a current member of the club but don't have a key, they will be available to purchase following the match and going forward. We apologize for any inconvenience and do appreciate your understanding on this matter.

Vintage Rifle Match will be held Feb 25th At 7:30 AM 

This will be a Club Match and should be a fun event. We hope to see you there! 

Our club Matches have a $10 entry fee for club members a $15 entry for non members 

Instructions on how the match will be conducted are as follows.






Competitors to do pit service or supply a puller

Awards for high score each division

Squadding FEB 25th 7:30am at 200 yard line

On our club matches there is a $10 entry fee for club members. a $15 entry for non club members.  We have three categories to shoot  Sport category is if you are shooting a factory rifle (Not counting trigger jobs or scopes) if the receiver and the barrel are stamped the same manufacture then it is in the sport category. Then we have the Tactical category in this group if you are shooting a custom rifle and using a bipod then you are shooting in the tactical category. If you are shooting a custom rifle and using a front rest then you will be shooting the unlimited group. This may be a little glossed over so if you have questions about where you fit, just ask there will be several people out there to point you in the right direction. Trophies and your entry fee will be awarded to the winner of each category.  A quick side note on this, if you are for example in the sport category and want to compete in the Tactical just let us know at the sign up. 

These Matches are fun and a fundraiser for our club so we can but supplies, such as targets and other consumables and for keeping our range clean and open to the public.

Starting time is 7:30 A.M.

Your feedback is very important to us so if you have suggestions or comments. Please let us know.


 The Club purchased a fifth electronic target. There is a long wait time to get the sensor hub but it is on the way! We have the target ready and once we have the components to get it up and running, we will five targets which should speed up the matches by quite a bit.


If you have any questions feel free to contact us via email or phone. Questions will be answered at the match as well.

club email is  [email protected]

Trophies and your entry fee will be presented to the match winner in each category.

2023 Match Schedule 

600 Yard Match                              1000 Yard Match                                 Vintage Rifle/Pistol Match



                                                                                                                                Feb 25th

                                                           March 11th                                                  March 18th

April 15th                                                                                                               April 22nd

May 13th                                                                                                                May 20th

Sept 23rd                                         Sept 30th                                                      Sept 16th

Oct 14th                                           Oct 28th                                                        Oct 21st

Nov 11th                                           Nov 25th                                                       Nov 18th

Dec 16th                                           Dec 30th                                                       Dec 9th

Minutes for Club Meeting

Club annual meeting was held on Dec 10th before the 600 yard match.

Each December the officers for the High Power Rifle and Pistol club are elected.

The officers were reelected for another term.

President   Joe Murek......As of 01/15/2023 Joe Murek has resigned as President.

President Richard Keene .......Rich was Elected into office at club meeting Feb 11th

Secretary   Cal Richardson

Treasurer/ Match Director  Dick Shaw 

New business

The club will look into a most improved shooter trophy. It was suggested and a motion was put forth by Joe Murek that we look at each match participant over a five month period and award a trophy for the most improved shooter. Motion was seconded by Rich Keen, voted on and approved. Cal will look into getting the trophy's ordered.

A motion was presented by Joe Murek to lay down more gravel on the two and six hundred line berms. The motion was seconded by Jeff Beck, voted on and approved. Brian Miller will look into getting the gravel delivered in the upcoming weeks.

Steve Whitney made a motion to close the meeting,seconded by Rich Keene and approved. 

Meeting adjourned.