Club Match May 22nd

We are planning a mid range match for Saturday the 22nd of May

This should be a fun match for all. We will have a $10 entry 50/50 split winner and club

We plan to start the match at 7:00 A.M. 

These matches have been a lot of fun and it is a fundraiser for our club to maintain the targets etc.

Hope you can join us! 

We are in the planning stages to have club matches on a monthly basis just for fun and honing our skills as long range shooters.

We are still in the planning stages so your input is greatly appreciated. Hit us with your opinion under the contact feedback section under More on the tool bar.

As of now we are thinking we will have a $10 entry fee and 50/50 split winner and club so this can be a fundraiser for the club to help pay for targets, pasties and the consumable's we use. And for keeping our range clean and open to the public.

Many Thanks to John E our winner of our first club match for donating his winnings back to the club... Thanks so much John.

In Memoriam 

With a very heavy heart we have some Sad new's

We lost two Brothers this year.

Ken Kline and Carl Bailey   They were wonderful men and will greatly missed. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to their family's and friends.