High Power Rifle and Pistol Club of Yuma, Inc.

October the 10th & 11th, 2020 (Saturday & Sunday); the Murphy's Gun Show will be held at the Yuma Civic Center, from 9:00am to 3:00pm (both days). We will have 2 tables. If you have anything worth donating please bring it. Also, maybe you could volunteer some time with us at the show for us to gain donations from the public. It would be greatly appreciated (just call anyone of us for details).

The 3 X's 1,000 Yards High Power Rifle Match for the 11th of October is cancelled.

Annual membership for adults is $25. Junior membership is $10. Membership is for 365 days from the day you signed up. We are the lowest priced shooting club available in the United States of America.        

*All competition fees are *$25 for members and $35 for non-members.

We are an IRS Code 501 (c) (3) Public Charity. All donations are deductible. 

To all members: After Sundown no one is allowed to shoot on the Big Bore Range (1,000 yard range), as per Adair Park regulations. It is expressly forbidden to shoot after dark on this range.

All members/shooters need to have a current 2020 Waiver.

There is scheduled a Conventional Pistol Match for November 7th, 2020 Saturday, after the Junior Program has completed their practice.   

Whipper Snipers: There will be a practice October 17th, 2020, Saturday, 

Meet in the pits at 6:30AM. Social distancing is to be followed. See Junior Program page for details. 


Our next Conventional Pistol Match is scheduled for November 7th, 2020; a Saturday.

*Pistol Match Courses of Fire

1ST Match - 25 Yards - Slow Fire - 10 minutes to fire 10 shots w/magazine change (2 series of 5 shots)

2ND Match - 25 Yards - Timed Fire - 4 seconds per shot to fire 10 shots w/magazine change ( 2 series of 5 shots) 20 seconds total time limit per series. 40 seconds total time limit for match 

3RD Match - 25 Yards - Rapid Fire - 2 seconds per shot to fire 10 shots w/magazine change - (2 series of 5 shots) - 10 seconds per series. 20 seconds total time limit for match

A total of 30 rounds are necessary.

The following are sponsors of our club:

Love's Truckstop, Yuma, AZ

Sprague's Sports, Yuma, AZ

Friends of the NRA Yuma, AZ

VFW Post #6790 Wellton, AZ

VFW Post #8242 Yuma, AZ

Chicago Title Agency, Yuma. AZ

Dick's Auto Rebuilders, Yuma, AZ

Benevolent & Protective Order of the Elks #476, Yuma, AZ

Yuma Territorial Gun Shows, Yuma, AZ

Yuma Sun Daily News, Yuma, AZ

Game & Fish, Yuma, AZ

Yuma Recycling, Inc., Yuma, AZ

A Junior shooting 200 yards Standing Slow Fire

at South Phoenix Rod & Gun Club. 

Junior members Shooting 500 yards Slow Fire Prone at Rio Salado (Mesa), Arizona.

Entrance to Big Bore 1,000 Yard Range,

Adair Park, Yuma, AZ

Four Basic Rules of Shooting Safely

  1. Treat all firearms as being loaded.
  2. Do not point your firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.
  3. Keep your finger straight and off of the trigger, until ready to shoot
  4. Keep the safety on, until ready to shoot.

A Junior member shooting Slow Fire Standing/Off-hand at Adair Park, at the 200 yard line at the Big Bore Range.

Flag pole at entrance to Big Bore 1,000 Yard Range - at zero dark thirty