Minutes of Meeting

High Powered Rifle and Pistol Club of Yuma

Minutes of Club Meeting

December 18, 2021

President Joe Murek called the meeting to order. The first item of business was election of officers for the coming year. The Slate of Nominees was made up of incumbent officers. No nominations were made from the floor. Dick Shaw moved that Joe Murek be re-elected President. O. B. Mathews seconded. Motion passed. Richard Keene moved that Cal Richardson be re-elected Secretary. Joe Pazoureck seconded. Motion passed. Cal Richardson moved that Dick Shaw be re-elected Match Director/Treasurer. Richard Keene seconded. Motion passed.

President Joe stated that he is considering moving the 1,000-yard matches to Saturdays. Next 1,000-yard match would be January 8, 2022. President Joe will host the event. Several members signed up to participate. The 200-yard manual targets will be used for the match and 20 rounds will be fired.

The next item up was the Pistol Match on January 15, 2022. This would be a Club Match with 30 rounds. No interest was expressed, and the Pistol Match was cancelled.

Joe stated that he has copies of the Proposed 2022 Schedule with him if anyone needs one. The schedule is also online.

In reporting on the recent Gun Show, President Joe stated that only officers came to help during the show. Proceeds from the Show totaled $760. With the proceeds, another electronic target was purchased. Overall, the show did well. Joe went on to state that he will not be doing more shows unless he gets more help during them. Let him know if you are willing to help. Financially the Club is in good shape.

Joe Pazourek made a motion to adjourn. O. B. Mathews seconded. Motion passed and the meeting adjourned.

Cal Richardson, Secretary