Minutes of Meeting

High Powered Rifle and Pistol Club of Yuma, Inc.

Address 11545 S Chaparral Drive

Yuma Az  85365

Minutes for the club meeting held April 15th 

Our meeting was held at the Adair 1000 yard range 

The meeting of the Yuma High Power Rifle club of Yuma was called to order by President Rich Keene.

The two item's on the agenda was to elect a new Secretary and Treasurer due to Dick Shaws withdrawal.

A motion was brought by Gerald Brooker to nominate Steve Whitney for the Secretary position, the vote was unanimous Mr Whitney is now the Secretary.

The next item was to elect a new Treasurer/ Match director.

A motion by Gerald Brooker  to nominate Cal Richardson for the Treasurer / Match Director position, the vote was again unanimous Mr. Richardson is now the Treasurer / Match Director.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was presented by Steve Whitney.... Meeting adjourned. 

       High Power Rifle and Pistol Club of Yuma, Inc

       Address 11545 S Chaparral Dr.

Yuma, AZ  85365



Minutes for the Club meeting held February 11, 2023


Our meeting was held at Richard Keene's house 

The meeting of High Power Rifle and Pistol Club of Yuma, Inc. was called to order by Cal Richardson.

First item on the agenda was to Remove Kenneth Kline due to his death and Joseph A Murek due to his resignation from office. 

A motion was presented by Jeff Beck to remove these two officers from office John Mathews seconded the motion. Motion was voted on and passed. Next order of business is to elect a President of the Club. Richard M Keene was nominated by Cal Richardson  to hold the president position the motion was seconded by Brian Miller. It was a unanimous vote in favor of Richard M Keene. He is now President and Key executive officer of the Club.

 Also the address of the club is being changed

from 8316 E Olive Ann Lane, Yuma, AZ  85365 to 11545 S. Chaparral Dr., Yuma, AZ  85365.

Next on the agenda was the subject of changing Club dues from one year from the date of sign up to annually on the 1st of January. This became a lively discussion among the attendees and some parameters of how to establish membership were set up. They are as follows: For renewing members for 2023, if your dues are to be paid between January through June it will remain $25 and the membership dues will be due again January 1,2024. If your dues are to be renewed between July through September of this year they will be $12.50 for the remainder of the year and the $25 dues will be collected in January 2024. If you are due to renew between October through December, the $25 dues will carry you through January 1, 2025   All new members signing up will be under the same as stated.  The end result will be everyone's dues will be from January 1st to January 1st each year.  A motion to adopt this measure was put forth by Joe Pazoureck  and seconded by Ron Erickson.  It was voted on and passed.

A discussion was presented to establish a late fee of $10 on dues not paid within the month of January. Again a lively discussion was on the floor. After voices were heard, Brian Miller put forth a motion to NOT have a late fee, seconded by John Mathews. The motion passed to not have any late fee established.

Next on the items to be discussed, Cal Richardson proposed that if you are an officer of the Club your membership dues would be absorbed by the Club as long as you held the office. After brief discussion, a motion was put forth by Mike Porter to adopt the measure, seconded by Jeff Beck.  The vote was unanimous and carried.

Next item put on the floor was procedures for Club matches. It was presented by Richard Keene that we have a 1000 yard match once a quarter. After a brief discussion, it was decided that every third match will be a 1000 yard match. A motion was made by Steve Whitney to adopt the procedure, seconded by Richard Shaw.  A vote was held and passed.

Next and last item on the agenda it was proposed by Cal Richardson that the Club hold quarterly meetings.   These meetings would be to address Club business. In a brief moment it was agreed on by the attendees. A schedule will be posted as to the next Club meeting.

A motion was made by Cal Richardson to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Ron Erickson, and passed.

Meeting adjourned.