Club Meeting at Adair Range 2/27/21

The following members were in attendance:

Joe Murek, Jerry Brooker,​ Dick Shaw, Joe Pazoureck, Dan Lomax, Cal Richardson, John Sorenson and two juniors 

The meeting was called to order by the President , Joe Murek

The president said that as a club when signing in new members pertaining to their waivers that it is preferable that two officers of the club should sign as witnesses . If this is not possible if only one officer is available 

the other witness may be a club member who should clearly print their name above or below their signature.

It was determined by the club that due to the present ammunition shortage, participation in the scheduled   NRA approved matches  to date has been very low. 

So we plan that if no one wants to shoot in the scheduled NRA match we will have a practice match . At the practice match we plan on two strings of 10 rounds per shooter (unlimited warmup shots). There will be a $10.00 entry fee per shooter  and a 50/50 split of the proceeds between the winner and the Club to offset the cost of materials so as to bring a small amount of revenue to the Club . 

It was also agreed upon that items posted on the website would be discussed among all the officers before they are posted. 

The meeting was adjourned