High Power Rifle and Pistol Club of Yuma, Inc.

Match Results for 2021

Club Match held on April 24, 2021

Our winner was Steve Potter

We had some very good shooters and the scores were very close. And a fun day was had by all.

A big Thank You to all the participants and we hope to see you all at the next Match

Club Match held on March 27 2021​

Winner of the Match Was John Edwards 

The match was a great time. All Shooters did well and enjoyed the day. it wasn't without a few glitches with the electronic targets and we appreciate everyones patience

A big Thank You to John our winner who graciously donated his winnings to the club for our fundraiser....Thanks so much John!​

Mid Range 3X's 600 Yds. NRA approved

600 aggregate points

December 5, 2020

1st Overall - Joe MUREK - 552-5X's

2nd - Steve WHITNEY - 539-6X's

3rd Steve POTTER - DNF

November 21, 2020

1st Overall -  Ron  FOSTER - 586-11X's

2nd  Joe MUREK - 540-7x'S

3rd  Steve WHITNEY - 522-5X's

Conventional Pistol Match (Short Course), 25 Yards - NRA approved 

300 Aggregate points

Mid Range 3X's x 600 Yds. NRA approved

600 aggregate points


Long Range High Power Rifle, 3 X's 1,000 Yards NRA approved 

600 aggregate points

Conventional Pistol (Short Course) NRA approved 

300 asggregate points