CODE OF ETHICS/CONDUCT of High Power Rifle and Pistol Club of Yuma, Inc.


The objective of the High Powered Rifle & Pistol Club of Yuma is to promote Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship through local practice and competitive matches. The High Powered Rifle & Pistol Club of Yuma grants the privilege of membership to individuals and organizations committed to this objective. The privilege of membership may, therefore be withdrawn by the club whenever it determines the conduct of a member(s) is inconsistent with the objective of the club or in the best interest of the sport and those who participate in it.

In order to assist all the members to better serve the interest of those who participate in club activities the High Powered Rifle & Pistol Club of Yuma has adopted the Code of Ethics/Conduct which follows. This code is not intended to establish sets of rules that will, by inclusion or exclusion, prescribe the appropriate behavior for club members in every respect of their participation in recreational shooting. Rather the code offers principles to guide conduct and the judicious appraisal of conduct in situations on the range or in meetings the club may schedule on other then the range.

The code cannot enhance ethical conduct/behavior; that can come only from the personal commitment of the participants to behave ethically & sensibly. The code is offered instead to guide and affirm the will of the High Powered Rifle & Pistol Club of Yuma’s members to safeguard the best interests of safe shooting for all its members.

ll. Elements of the Code   

  • Participant Relationships

Members of the High Powered Rifle & Pistol Club are charged with the responsibility for contributing to an environment, which makes participation in the sport a positive and rewarding experience. In order to achieve that result, each team member has a special obligation to make decisions based upon the best interest of the club and its members. No club funds will be spent without the majority consent of the executive committee. It is inconsistent for any member or officer to:

  • Fail to follow the safety guidelines established by the club or otherwise knowingly subject a participant to unreasonable physical or emotional risk.

  • Engage in unsportsmanlike conduct/safety violations including in particular losing ones temper, fits of anger, and or screaming in anger in addressing a fellow club member, officer of the club, or visitor of the club on or off the firing line during practices or Scheduled Matches with or without a weapon.

That person will be ejected off the range. A cooling off period for the first offense will restrict that person to a one month suspension from all activities the club participates in. If two offenses are committed within a one calendar year that person will be suspended for a 3 month period from all club activities. If three offenses are committed within a one year calendar period that person will be suspended for 6 months from all club activities.

At the conclusion of the 6 month suspension the person will have to be approved for continuing membership by a majority of the club members present at a meeting scheduled for that purpose.

If the said person(s) refuses to leave the range all shooting will immediately stop no matter if it's a practice or a Match. If it's a Match all funds will be returned to the participants and all club members will exit the range.

  • Engage in conduct toward another participant which is excessively or repeatedly abusive. The Club recognizes that the process of training and motivating participants will vary with each coach and each participant. It is nevertheless incumbent upon everyone involved to support the development and use of motivational and training methods, which avoid conduct which is, or is likely to be perceived as being abusive or condescending.

  • Discriminate in the provision of resources or opportunities to any member or prospective member on the basis of race, sex, creed, sexual orientation, age, and national origin, mental or physical disability.

  • Attempt to intimidate, embarrass, or improperly influence any individual.

  • Engage in unethical or illegal business practices directed toward the club or another member of the club or prospected member.

  • Participation

Any Club event or activity is open to any member or prospected member.

It is inconsistent for any member to:

  • Restrict the ability of a member or prospective member to qualify for or participate in practice/ competition or any other activity without just cause which will be approved by the Executive Committee.

  • Engage in behavior, which is so disorderly or inappropriate enough to interfere with the orderly conduct of the activity or the participation of the other members in, or the enjoyment of the activity.

  • Alcohol or Drug Abuse 

Members of the High Powered Rifle & Pistol Club of Yuma must insure that the sport is conducted in an environment free of drug or alcohol abuse. It is inconsistent with this obligation for any member to:

  • Use or provide to a third party any drug proscribed by any applicable Federal, State, or Municipal Law. 

  • Assist or condone anyone in the use of illegal drugs.

  • Provide alcohol to, or condone the use of alcohol by, minors, and abuse alcohol in the at club activities.

  • Criminal Conduct 

Members of the High Powered Rifle & Pistol Club of Yuma are expected to comply with all applicable criminal codes. This obligation is violated by any member who has been convicted of, or

has entered a plea of guilty or no contest to, a criminal charge or indictment involving sexual misconduct, child abuse, or conduct that is a violation of law specifically designed to protect minors, and, depending on the nature of the crime, may be violated by any member who has been convicted of, or has entered a plea of guilty , or no contest to, any felony charge or indictment involving conduct other than specifically described above.

  • Sexual Misconduct

It is inconsistent for any member or prospective member to:

  • Solicit or engage in sexual relations with any minor.

  • Engage in any behavior that utilizes the influence of a members position.

  • Engage in sexual harassment by making unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature where such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.


Compliance with this code depends primarily upon understanding and voluntary compliance.

The code depends upon reinforcement by club members, and when necessary, upon enforcement through disciplinary action. Any individual who believes a member of the club has failed to meet his/her; obligation upon this code is, under all but the most egregious circumstances, are encouraged to first address that concern directly to that member. If this action does not result in a satisfactory resolution, the individual may file a written request to the President of the club who will seek a resolution in consultation with the executive committee and the membership.

This code will be updated whenever it's deemed necessary & approved by the membership & Executive Committee.